19 September, 2012

Impression about Russia

I thought something about Russia.

a. Prices
Prices in Russia are not cheap. Fares for Metro is quite reasonable, which is good. On the other hand, food price is not really. Of course it depends on what you buy but, as long as I saw the prices at supermarkets, these were almost as well as those of Tokyo or slightly cheaper.

b. Smoky
Russian people smoke a lot. Absolutely a lot. I was able to see people smoking on the street everywhere I was walking. Needless to say, both men and women. So as a non-smoker, it was disgusting when I pass them by.

c. Safe
Before visiting Russia, I have read about bad rumors of Russia. For example, police officers randomly inspect foreigners on the street. Local people tend to try to rob something you have. In fact, I was not investigated by any police offers and no fear to be robbed by thieves.

d. Impolite
During living in the UK, people always say 'thank you' or equivalent phrases every time. But, in Russia people don't say spaciva which means thank you in Russian. When I enter a restaurant, there were two ladies coming out from the restaurant and then I hold the door of the restaurant and gave my way to them. In the case of the UK, normally people say thank you or thanks but, the ladies at the restaurant, left without saying any words. I found the same tendencies elsewhere.

e. Blacky
Males in Russia are apt to wear black jackets made from leather. On the metro, on the street, at restaurants, I could find many people with black jackets on. Even if the jackets are not leather, they were wearing black jackets made from alternative materials.

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