20 September, 2012


My photographic course is finally coming to the end. Which means my departure is coming as well. So I am preparing for the moment step by step.

I was trying to reduce my personal belongings as many as possible because obviously my course in only for one year and it is far too unpractical to retain every thing I need. If you purchase something, it implies taking away or throwing away after wards. This is what study abroad is.

Of course, tried not to shed all the stuff I don't use after leaving. So I decided to sell these freshers. I advertised on a community space of the university and facebook as well. The printer, one of the images above was sold successfully by £15 which I used this less than one year.

However, it was one and only success. The lamp and the rod were not sold unfortunately. It might be tricky for people in terms of usage of the rod. And I believed that the lamp is cheap and practical but it was unpopular.
Elsewhere, I have just donated my stuff to a charity store for example, a cereal bowl, a dinner plate, a yoga mat and hungers because it was clear that nobody will buy them. Meanwhile, as to a sauce pan which I used lots of times, I made up my mind to take away along with other stuff in a parcel as it was not cheap thing and is very useful.

Other pictures show piles of train tickets and receipts. I am apt to not get rid of these paper after using but keep them in order to make sure that how much I spent money for. The height of these piles are for one year. Not too high, perhaps.

As a first parcel, I have sent a box to my home Japan. A few days later I noticed a letter saying that I was away when a post officer came to my home on Friday. The letter was from a company of my parcel so I was a contingency and it was right. Next week, a parcel I have sent has been returned to my home, which was annoying enough as it contained some sprays which are not allowed to be shipping. Therefore I removed the sprays and put alternative things instead and then sent it again. It should be alight but, still quite suspicious.

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