16 September, 2012

A Sunday roast

My friends in the UK have been recommending me to have a Sunday roast since I came here last year. However, I had no opportunities to carry out this. And finally I got a chance my last relaxing Sunday.

Before going out, I googled in order to find out a good pub which serves good Sunday roasts. And its answer was many and then I found a pub which is quite near from my home. Then I went there as a firstly. With huge expectations, I got there and saw a sign saying that 'Sunday roasts being served' (as far as I am concerned). And then I entered to the pub and asked a staff to have me a Sunday roast. However, they have already ran out it. My expectations has turned into disappointment.

Then I decided to go another choice which is a bit far from the first pub. After about 15mins walk, I reached to the second choice. Seemingly the pub looked old and unclear if it was opening. Actually it was opened and I decided to order a Sunday roast. The pub has got several tastes. Meat for pork, beef, lam, chicken and flavours red wine and cider. The pub's recommendation was pork cider flavoured and then I ordered this. The cuisine is the picture above. Some ingredients on a plate, which is probably very British.

The taste itself was brilliant. The recommendation was absolutely true and my decision making was right. Pork was soft enough, Yorkshire pudding was nice, and in particular grinded apple was lovely. My friends used to say that Sunday roasts are definitely filling but for me was not really. Perhaps the Sunday roast which I had was not too much. Anyway, that was a good experience.

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