14 September, 2012

The exhibition has begun

The controversial exhibition has begun. My images for the final project are being shown at the university with my name. On the 13th of September, a private show has taken place. So, people who were invited to come to this show get together at once and enjoy the show and mainly drinking. 
I returned from Russia in order to attend to this opportunity however, as I have been imaging this was absolutely boring. Basically, people are not particularly interested in the images, but are keen to have a chat with friends, which is a typical excuse.

These are the fucking catalogues which are supposed to be distributed people coming to this show free of charge. Some of course mates including me put our energy to assemble insert sheets which describe our profiles and statements into covers quite long time without any income. Especially, I fetched these covers and inserts and so on from a course mate's office to university more than 6 or 7 times by using fucking a trolley on my own, literally manpower which was enough exhausting and ridiculous.
Seemingly, the catalogues look fine however, they have a lot of mistakes in inserts, for example email address, titles, colour of images, and resolutions. And top of all is its cover. Because the catalogue is closed by a sticker which is orange one as the image indicates. And when you open this catalogue, you can tear up the sticker according to its dotted line which is obviously easy to carry out. But in fact, the problem is that once you opened this, you cant undo as it is a sticker. Before compiling these catalogues, I was imaging that it has a sort of self-closing function, like a box of teabags. Reality is not, which is still disappointing honestly. In addition, look at the colour of the sticker. Why orange? It clearly doesn't get on the cover. And too conspicuous. It should have been transparent or grey or deep green or some other colours. Orange was considerably wrong decision.
The quality of the inserts are not very good. Some of sheets have unexpected dots and dirt as well. And the paper for the inserts is a bit thin for me. This might be a reasons why the catalouges has been given away.

The pictures should talk themselves in my opinion. But it's difficult for the viewers to understand the meanings of them without any descriptions as viewers are not familiar with photographic theory and the background and intention of the images. Since the course is too much academic, I've been feeling some sort gap between a general viewpoint and a theoretical one until the end of the course this time of academic year.

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