04 September, 2012

Another thing

I've been extravagant for two weeks or so. And one of the reasons is because I purchased lenses as I have already mentioned. This one is the lens which I missed on Friday. This lens is very suitable for making portraits and its F number is small therefore it offers exquisite bokeh. I should have bought this before my course work finished to be honest but it's OK, all done.
So far, I'm quite not sure if I use this frequently yet still cost effective.

Decent lens can describe images absolutely transparently. Colours from these lenses seem to be so clear in comparison for example super-zoom lenses like I used to use. Convenience is one of the most important elements, this is true. On the other hand, it looses something else.

One thing I forgot to write here is that an interesting piece of information about study abroad. My friends who met in the last article were saying that they have rice cooker at home. By not buying it but taking over it from their friends or free of charge. I was surprised at hearing this story because it never happened for me since I came here in Brighton. That's probably because there are few Japanese students here. In fact there are no Japanese in my course at least.
Communities sometimes work quite well particularly when you get into troubles. Helping each other is one of significant ways in which people who are not accustomed to live another world. Of course unless you depend on it too much, otherwise you might loose opportunities to improve your English skills. Anyway in my case, I could not come across these communities unfortunately and didn't join in if I find something like that. So, has my English evolved as a result? or my communication attitude changed? I sincerely hope so.

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