06 September, 2012


After comfortable time with my friends in London, a nightmare has begun. I came back home at midnight and found some extra people were in my flat. I have already had bad feeling at that time since I heard a baby crying.

My speculation was right. There was a friend of my flatmate along with two kids and one of them was a literally baby. In the morning I was made awake by the baby's shout and it sounded quite busy from the kitchen. This sort of case let me down obviously and it was enough to be reluctant to do anything. Plus I don't want to see these people.
The day was submission day for  the final work of my course and also the first day of construction of exhibition which I was supposed to join in. However, due to the family I was forced to be late for the beginnings for over three days. The reason that I call this a nightmare is not only this.

 a. stolen food
After the construction, I went shopping and bought some stuff and put them into fridge. When I was cooking, a lady who is a mother of the children came to the kitchen and spoke to me saying 'Is this noodle yours?' showing a empty plastic bag from a bin (sprout beans are not noodles anyway). I haven't noticed this but obviously sprout beans which I have bought just a few hours ago has been consumed. I accused that the beans were mine and she went out to compensate for it after 8PM which is too late for shopping at supermarkets. Her excuse was 'That was emergency'. If so, it is too rude and impolite to use somebody's food. Afterwards, I also confirmed a tomato and chicken breast disappeared.Then I decided to require her paying money for the food. I demanded £3 which is a modest price. And then she left £2.60 which was clearly inadequate on a table and a message which was ridiculous. 

b. smoking
The reason why I left the previous fucking university accommodation was that a few uneducated people smoked in the flat and smelled substantially. And also I decided to settle in current messy flat since my flatmate doesn't smoke. But, at this particular case has broken my expectation. When I was in my room, smoking smelled clearly because I am not a smoker. I know my flatmate was talking with the mother therefore she allowed to smoke inside. This happened twice. And also when the mother talked to me her breath also smokey which was disgusting.

c. noise, mess, dirt, occupation, and so on
The baby was absolutely noisy. Shouts, crying, every single sound he made was so shit. In other words a naughty baby. When I wanted to use kitchen, it was always busy with the family, and the kitchen was tremendously messy and dirty. So first of all, the mother is the biggest problem. She is the most uneducated person in the family, no choice to say so. Because she was not able to prepare for merely £3 and discipline own kids neither. 

I was keeping away from collecting the £2.60 as it was insufficient and I was thinking that I should grab the money when enough money is ready. Meanwhile, the mother recognised this as my forgiveness and brought me replacement. Although I accepted this, this was not what I required.
The lacking money has disappeared after this. And then I asked her 'Where is the money?' she was 'Do you need money as well?' I said 'Because you said you pay for me.' And finally I've got £5. All the matter has done with huge stress. And they left after three nights stay.

The mother was insane and also my flatmate as well for me. Too selfish. Since it was over capacity and it is insane not to take any effects into consideration in order to let people stay. Even though the flat is hers but, there is a resident who pays rent every month. Honestly, I couldn't feel this is my home during the three days. Moreover, she did not let me know her friend and its family coming which was annoying and foolish.

I talked about this story to some people and asked if this is common thing to take and let family stay at a flat in the UK. And their answers were mostly 'not always but sometimes happens and it is common to some degree'. This became one of cultural gaps for me. I still cannot believe this sense. Yes, this is insane.

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