03 August, 2012

Watching London 2012 volleyball matches live

I went watching some volleyball matches at Earl's Court in London. In other words, this was the first time for me to watch the Olympics Games live ever.

As I've written before, me and London never really get on. Whenever I get to London, some contingencies always happen. This time, a train which I was supposed to get on in the morning has been canceled. Consequently, I was forced to change to the next train although I didn't know which way the fastest to get to the venue is. I asked a staff of the train station and got on a train. On the way was not too bad, but when I arrived at a station which is supposed to be the nearest station to the venue was somehow wrong station. And due to this I had to get back the way, it took extra extra time. So I was late for an hour to get to the venue eventually. In addition, security was so strict and it was quite far to my actual seat. And finally I took my seat and met my friend who was waiting for my arrival.

The picture above shows after winning of the national team of Japan. Won 3-0 which is absolutely clean win but as a spectator, I need competitive fights.

At this particular Olympiad, generally empty seats are very controversial. It is not easy to get tickets online however, there are lots of empty seats most of the venues. Earl's Court was not exception.

The images signify the empty seats clearly. In the case of volleyball, once you get a ticket, you can watch two matches. But some of them go home after a mach they wanted to see or some of them come to the venue before a match they want to watch. This might be why it seems to be empty.

Russia swept Algeria. This was a quite short time match. Honestly, the team Algeria is too weak I'm afraid. Another country for instance from Europe should have been on the Olympics.

Turkey has swept Serbia. I had some expectations to the team Serbia but, unfortunately their blocks were not successful.

Disappointed the national team of Serbia.

A big victory for the team Turkey.

As to the venue, it seemed to be a bit shabby, it was a quite old gymnasium.

Basically, it was so woody. Look at that. Quite thin surface of the seats and classic stairs. My ticket price was £45. And due to the seats have big spaces at people's waists, spectators behind me can kick my waist and I was able to kick a spectator in front of me accidentally which was annoying.

National team of Italiano which is my favourite team has swept team GB quite easily. The team changed starting line up especially a setter. And it was too easy game for Italiano to make bench players on the court. It was very good to watch.

By and large, the Olympic Game is quite different to other international matches in terms of the distance between the players and fans. As I mentioned, security is so fussy and it is troublesome for us. Physical distance from spectator seat and court is very far compered with world championships or grand champions volley or something. Overall, if I watch volleyball, I prefer do it in Japan.

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