05 August, 2012

Поздравляю Victoria Azarenka!

A Belarusian professional tennis player Victoria Azarenka has got her first Olympic medal. It was a bronze but as the picture shows, she was so emotionally pleased with what she's done.
And I'm glad to watch her bronze winner on BBC website. Because she is from Belarus which is my one of favourite countries and more than that, I think it has massive meaning that an athlete from a relatively minor and small country got a Olympic medal.
It is clear that there are developed countries and large populated countries on the medal table at the moment. On the other hand, Belarus is under 20th so far. A nation is a nation. Regardless of its popularity or population, characteristics, economic sizes, politics, the country exists in this world and there are citizens. She is no doubt one of them.

In addition, I can imagine that she has got a lot of pressure and expectations from people in Belarus and also, she is currently ranked No.1 on WTA singles world ranking.
I hope that she will be a magnificent role model of Belarusian children due to her successful career. And she has still got gold medal match tomorrow, Удача!

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