01 August, 2012

Yuki Ota - a fencer -

Today I watched a fencing match of a Japanese fencer Yuki Ota on BBC website. Unfortunately, he has lost the match against a Italian fencer Andrea Cassara.
This particular game was so interesting because a short Japanese bravely fought against a tall Italian. Yuki's height is 171cm and Andrea is 192cm, as you know the difference is more than 20cm. Therefore, in terms of a reach, Andrea has a tremendous advantage, especially despite the players are forced to contend quite narrow spaces and to attack the opponent they have to keep their form.

Under this situation, Yuki did his job. His style was counter attacking. He tried to escape Andrea's sword as much as he could and soon after that, jumped in front of Andrea absolutely quickly. His speed was very remarkable. His strategy worked well, really did. But, regrettably he was defeated 14 - 15 at the extra time.

In fact, I have ever come across him at National Training Centre in Japan. And he was so kind to me and signed his autograph to me. So I was cheering him at this competition which takes place once every four years.

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