24 September, 2015

Summer vacation 2015 -episode Naogya-

A three days off is supposed to be given by my company as summer vacation. Now that I don't really remember why but I decided to go domestic trip this year. Probably the main reason was there were no RG events around that time of year or it was too expensive to go abroad. (Acutually I had no paid holidays at that point).

The first destination is Nagoya, where I have once visited at the end of the year 2014 to see my friend. I made up my mind to visit there again because I liked Nagoya very much. As it was too short to visit last time, the first two days this time will be exclusive for Nagoya and then no plans follow.

Daytime express buses are really confortable from Tokyo to Nagoya. It doesn't take too long and it costs less than Shinkansen. I have taken excatly the same way as last time. In this case, my arrival time will be at night which is a good timing to hang out with my friend. My friend Hide has brought me out to an Izakaya to have some local food called "Nagoya Meshi". And then Nagoya Meshi is generally really good (no photos to show though).

When you go to Nagoya station, you will definitely find this statue. Her name is Nana Chan, she is a sort of symbol here. She changes her cosutume from time to time in accordance with seasons or seasonal events. At this time, she was like above.

Next day, it was quite cloudy and rainy unfortunately. But I had a plan to visit to Noritake Garden. Noritake is a Bone china manufacture from Nagoya. As I am a big fan of dishes and cups and so on, I wanted to come to this place.

It is a kind of large showroom because Noritake's headquater locates here. Sadly photographing was not allowed inside of facilities, I have taken some images outside but certainly their products are absolutely beautiful. And Noritake Garden as a whole was stunningly calmed down.

The rain was over and then I walked around the centre of Nagoya city.

Nagoya is the 3rd biggest city in Japan and as the image above show, it is beautifully organised. When it comes to Tokyo, it is too condenced and it is a sort of mess but Nagoya instead, its population and  spaces are well balanced.

After spending 2 days in Nagoya, my vacation continues. By the way, it was not easy to book a hotel room on the day 2 because my mobile device worked tremendously slow. To tell the truth, I was thinking of visiting Nara after Nagoya because rice fields in Nara this time of year are famous for seasonal flowers. However as a result from some research, I knew its bloom had already finished about a week ago. Then I have quickly decided to change my next destination to Kyushu because I have never ever been before.
And it was a right decision because there is an international air port in Nagoya. So, the next episode will be my trip to Kyushu.

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