12 September, 2012

Saint Petersburg

On day3, I needed to move from Moscow to Saint Petersburg by a flight. But, due to difficulties of language, I was likely to miss the flight. As I was not sure if I have already paid for accommodation fees so I needed check it. However, it took time. In addition, at the Metro I wanted buy a ticket for a person and a luggage.
I had already prepared for a message saying that 'I need a ticket costs 28 Russian rubles' and showed it. But in fact, it was not enough as my suitcase is quite big. And then a tickets seller checked size and so on and she sold me a 28 rubles ticket. So I was trying to go through the gates but, it closed because the weight of my luggage was too heavy. Another metro staff came to me and said something about the ticket. Yet, I can't understand. Perhaps she was saying that this ticket was not enough. And then she gave up to do it and let me go.

It was still urgent as my flight time was coming. As soon as the Metro arrived at the station which I needed to transfer another train to the airport, I ran. Distance from the Metro station to the train is quite long. And finally, I got on the train just on time with a lot of sweats.

Soon after arriving at the airport, again lots of taxi drivers invited me to get on a taxi. Not like I was in Moscow, it was still after noon, bright enough, and I knew buses and Metros are much cheaper than taxi, I completely refuse these invitation.
Tickets for the Metro in Saint Petersburg is not actual tickets but tokens. When I got changes, I was not able to notice this and a token seller let me know quite easily.
As Saint Petersburg is a popular place for sightseeing, people slightly can understand English which was helpful. And then after check in, I decided to walk around the city for rest of the day.

My first impression about this city is clean, very organised, not too big and flat. These reminded me Hiroshima as there are some canals and many brides. As well as Moscow, roads are quite broad and loads of cars are running throughout the city. And as the second picture shows, I was able to find numbers of tunnels from the pavements. They are entrances to houses. Despite these tunnels are fascinating, they might be a private spaces therefore, I could not take pics lots.
At the end, it seemed to me that Japan is a bit popular in here as the last image shows.

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