11 September, 2012

more about Moskba

What I suffered on this travel was that people in Russia hardly can speak English. When I got on Metro, it was difficult to even get tickets as there are no ticket bending machines there. Instead, there were ticketing counters and cashiers sell tickets. Yes, they cannot understand English. Without any helps by the people, I would not have bought any tickets to get on the Metro. 
Even hotel servants are not able to speak. Particularly at a hotel which I stayed 2 nights made me a bit provoked. Firstly, when I arrived at the hotel at 11PM or so, their attitudes were absolutely impolite. Just like 'Ah, a stranger came this time of a day'. That was not a proper conversation but just a procession. With my slight anger, I tried to connect to the Internet but, a password of WiFi which the hotel provides doesn't work somehow. After many attempts, I gave up for doing this on the day. Next morning, I asked reception about this and they gave me another password namely, the first one was completely wrong. The wrong one have not been replaced from the room. And finally I got connected however, it was too late to get in touch with my Russian friend consequently.

Then I decided to walk around Moscow on my own. It was raining and substantially windy. Obviously not suitable for walking at all. Despite this, there were long queue in order to enter Kremlin. It might have been worth seeing inside but I didn't because I had run out my time to await a reply from the friend.
Due to the rain, there were lots of water pool on the roads which implies its surfaces are not really flat and quality is insufficient. As a result, my shoes has got wet. Again, it was not a lovely day for walking anyway. As it was too cold, I went to indoor places which are for example GUM and a shopping centre near the Red Square. GUM was a magnificent department store it really was. Quite big but so clean and enough bright. Its interior was beautiful and literally picturesque.
Meanwhile, the shopping centre was at the underground. It has three floors underground which is a typical way of cold places and not particularly big therefore I felt there were loads of people in a small place. This shopping center seemed to me relatively for young people. In fact, customers were young. Food court, clothing stores and so on. Especially, there were many sport brand stores such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Le coq for some reason. As this shopping centre is at the underground, it was a bit dark inside.


As rain has stopped, I walked around Kremlin. To be honest, it was too vast to walk which is time consuming and what's more, there were not fascinating things around there. But, I noticed that numbers of advertisements of Korean electronics companies dominate the city. Not to mention, LG and Samsun. I remember that the TV of my room at the hotel was LG. And also I was able to see many cars with KIA or Hyndai logos. Of course Japanese brand cars were driving through the roads but, for me the Korean brands were conspicuous. 


Actually, taking pictures of Metro and its station is banned. I honestly didn't know this. Yet, there were no securities to forbid shooting there so it made me a bit nervous but not very difficult to carry out. The decorations of the platforms were absolutely elaborate and exquisite. Basically every single station has different design which is definitely admirable and stunning. And also the metros come every one minute which was amazing. So if the staff at the stations are kind to foreign visitors, it would be perfect.

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