14 August, 2012

What was the London 2012?

As I have written some articles here, I was watching the Olympic Games all the time since obviously I am interested in sports and athlete very much, and also I needed to keep looking at the ridiculous ticketing website to get any opportunities for the tickets of rhythmic gymnastics. Therefore, my interest and what I had to do were all together over the last 17 days.

The way in which I watched was mainly via BBC website online streaming. Because it provided more than 15 channels every time with you and you can select channels whenever and as many as you want to. Therefore I made the most of it. BBC, well done.

One of the reasons that the Olympics is the biggest sports event is that it offers you chances to get to know different kinds of sport. Sports for instance football, basketball, tennis and so on, they are normally based on commercialism. In other words, you can watch them as professional sports. However, there a lot of sports which are not necessarily professional even if the sports are common. Badminton, table tennis, handball, hockey, water polo, Judo, wrestling, whatever. You might have ever heard these names but, it is normally quite rare to watch.

For me, handball was interesting. It is so speedy and player are always busy. Physically hard and strategically complicated. But, if the gap of the score is more than 2 or 3 points, it is quite difficult to catch up with the opponent and all the matches tend to come to an end without overcoming the gap. Weightlifting was fun as well. I don't really want the athletes to make mistakes and I was always wishing for their successes. This particular sport made me feel like that.

Meanwhile, I suppose that the London 2012 had a different aspect and BBC was trying to agitate the country. In my opinion, the politics in this Olympics seemed to be 'self-satisfaction'.
For example, although the opening ceremony was quite big scale as usual, I though it didn't have some sort of consistency in it. I know Britain is so diverse society and I appreciate some elements in the opening ceremony. But it was not enough to represent what the UK is at least for me. Music, films, those kind of entertainment which were produced by the Britain was interesting but, not very much fascinating.

Jessica Ennis who is an athletic athlete competed heptathlon and she got a gold. Presumably, she was supposed to get it with considerable margins as she has been world No.1 in that field. Of course she is one of the greatest athletes but, BBC and crowds emphasised too much. They completely made her as an iconic symbol of the Olympics for Britain associated with her appearance.
Bradly Wiggins, Chris Hoy, Farah, and so on. Even not gold medalists, BBC and crowds got to be absolutely noisy and exaggerate nation's athletes. Union jacks could be seen almost everywhere, even if British athletes don't compete with. This was annoying when I went to Wembley Arena. As I wrote before, their attitudes were always like that and then they never stop doing. Moreover, some spectators waved their hands to cameras when they were filmed when athletes got closer to them during the competition. What a ridiculous. How childish they are.

However, the fact that the Britain got 65 medals including 29 golds was so great and I thought that British athletes well done under the massive pressures. Consequently, it can be said that they are quite mentally strong. Contrary to this, Japanese athletes seemed to be weak psychologically. Football team both females and males, fencing... 

Anyway, although the Olympics which tend to be utilise politics every time, in the case of London 2012, I assume that this seemed to be politics for domestic rather than diplomatic. Otherwise, BBC and people in the UK might have not boasted what they are.

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