13 August, 2012

London 2012 Olympic Games Rhythmic Gymnastics Final day

I got to London again for the final day of rhythmic gymnastics as I wrote before, I was able to get a ticket for this. Groups final took place on the day. I was at the venue with my Japanese flag, Italian one, Belarus one, Ukraine one, and also with my camera therefore somewhat I was busy during the competition.

Although the groups final was second top priority for me, it was still fun and exciting. Basically, as well as individuals, Russians were supposed to win unless they make big mistakes. This is how unfair the judges are. So I support Italian team at the top because their throwing and exchange are unstoppable and attractive anyway.
From the past results of international competitions, team Russia and Italy are so competitive. Team Italy won world championships 3 times in a row from 2009 to 2011 (all-around). On the other hand, team Russia is a former Olympic gold medalist and also they got a win at the world cup Minsk, which was a last international competition before the Olympics.
One more team which is Belarus is also stable. They are always top three in every competition and they were 3rd place in Beijing 2008.
Therefore, these particular three teams have been almost dominating the podium.

I clearly remember that I was firstly got fascinated by watching group competitions of Beijing 2008. And this was applicable to the spectators in Wembley Arena. A lady who was sitting on next me was a typical. Every time gymnasts make tricks, she gets excited with 'Woo!' voice. I sometimes did the same though. Other people were pretty much the same and they made good atmosphere. However, as I noticed when I was in Day 1, the spectators were not real rhythmic gymnastics fans again. Namely they were watching it for the first time. So, annoying thing this time for me was that the spectators go buying some drinks or food during the competition. This was always happening. Some people were always walking around and they could be observed from even TV. I am quite not sure if they came to watch a sport or to have something to eat or drink. Enough destructive.

Groups competition is always divers, devised and ingenious. Choreography, costumes, tricks, combination, and exchanges. Despite its charms, this is one of sports hence the groups have to be marked. To me, I still don't know how the judges evaluate gymnast's performance. The result of the competition was Russia has got back to back, Belarus got 2nd place and unfortunately Italy was the 3rd as they made a big mistake in the 3 ribbons and 2 hoops routine. But, I suppose gaps of ability of each team are not that huge as the scores show. Every team has its characteristic which is so beautiful. So, I think I should take a look at groups as well, not too much at individuals.

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