20 August, 2012

True colours

Colour is difficult. Especially when it comes to photography, colour matching is quite important if you take colour pictures not black and white. Cameras can record one particular moment quite as it was. But its colour is not necessarily accurate. It is much obvious in this digital imaging age.

When photographers edit their images, they adjust colour temperature and tint. Yellow or blue and red or green. If you adjust them correctly, the images can be seen beautifully.
But, this is a theoretical matter and therefore it may not accord with actual colour when you see the real subject. This problem is applicable to exposure as well. If it was actually dark and you photograph it, when you look at the image you might increase its exposure brighter.

So, problem is what the true colour is, what the accurate colour is.
Colours are depend on colour spaces, which are sRGB and Adobe RGB. And also when you see your images via computers, the colours are up to the monitors. Moreover, when you get your images printed, its colour should be different amongst photographic printers or paper.

Of course it is quite important to try to reach the actual or accurate colours. But it is impossible to recall true colours and also as I mentioned there are many dependency. Consequently, it is necessary to take some sort of compromise into account.

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