01 September, 2012

Super extravagant week ever

I was forced to use a lot of money this week. One is for the prints of the last article, two is frames which are supposed to be use at the final show. Its price is less than £5 each but I need 6 frames. Actually, I have paid big money for applying my Russian visa.
In addition, I have purchased two pristine Nikon lenses in a way as my birthday present for myself and the biggest reason is that its prices are much cheaper than those of Japan. When it comes to buying lenses, I basically look for second hands however, it was almost impossible to find what I wanted because the lenses are relatively new ones and due to its high quality and popularity, it rarely can be seen at the second hand markets.

One lens was shipped from a domestic warehouse and I managed to collect the parcel quite fortunately. When I was coming back from a supermarket a courier was knocking the door of my flat, and I catch it. On the other hand, the other lens has been shipped from Hong Kong via UPS and the parcel arrived on the same day but when I was away. 20 minutes earlier than its arrival, so I missed it. I was imagining that I can call the courier and receive it on the day as well as in Japan, but my idea has been dismissed. There are no delivery on weekends therefore next attempt will happen on Monday which is tremendously annoying really is. Since obviously, weekends are very good chances to test lenses. And it was just a disappointment.

By the way, the image above is taken by one of the new lenses which is a micro lens. A bottle of Peroni which I haven't thrown away was chosen as a first example. This is a one of super lenses that's why I have bought this. High quality sharpness, tender colour, super quick auto focus, and reasonable price (not too expensive). I can use this lens a normal lens which also capable of close up and my current Sigma micro lens would be replaced by this.

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