05 July, 2012

Written English

(The logo of Google of the image above is old.)

Spoken English and Written one are substantially different. In other words, wording in each type is completely heterogeneous thing. I knew this because of my dissertation and so on.

For natives, my writing seems to be Google translate. I was so shocked to hear this and felt like I was denied. Presumably, my wording is too direct and straight. When I ask somebody to check my writing, s/he perhaps pay attention whether or not my writing style is appropriate as written English, if it makes sense as well as grammar. In this way, they can understand what I try to say, what I intend to mean, or what I've written is not wrong. But, in their words, this is not good English. Thus, in my opinion, my friends are not willing to read and correct my written English as they cannot help taking care of wording and correcting it takes time. And they must think that wording of this blog is odd as well.

This is English that Japanese have learned. We have never ever been taught wording of written English. Do I have to learn writing skills to improve, enhance my English?

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