02 July, 2012

Me and London

Me and London never really get on.

Having almost finished writing my dissertation, I decided to go to London for my pastime.
The biggest objective is to get to Uniqlo, and the second is to a camera shop. First of all, I arrived at London Victoria station as usual.

At the Uniqlo, I was looking for some long sleeve T-shirts and I found some of them at the shop. But its fabric was not like I expected. In short, too thick. The quality of products of Uniqlo have been improving and I know it very well however, it was not applicable to the particular T-shirts which was disappointing.

Secondly, I went to a camera shop to see a lens, which is the latest Nikon's portrait use.
I tested it by shooting. Bokeh was stunning, on the other hand, AF speed was quite slow. Actually too slower than I thought. When you compare this lens with Canon's counterpart, Canon is much much quicker. In addition, Canon is much cheaper. I really wonder if the lens is worth buying.

Thirdly, I went to the British Museum quite vaguely. Because I know it takes for ages to look around all the exhibition and I wanted go there anyway. As every guide book says, it is massive. So far I found a lot of sculptures. In any case, I will go there again with my glasses.

Next I got back to the Buckingham palace shop by getting on the London underground. I paid £2 for it. In fact, I dropped by here before going to Uniqlo and found a very handy London map which is so small but made of hard paper, and viewers can open it like a book and it unfolds by itself. I should have bought this soon after my discovery, but I often make this sort of mistakes. Anyway, I bought this successfully.

Then it was close to 5PM, it was bright and nice weather. Then I decided to go to London bridge on foot since I did not want to pay for London underground. But, actually the National rail sells tickets which contains underground one day pass, then I should have bought this type of ticket, not just a return ticket between Brighton and London Victoria. The difference of the price is £3-4. I shame my decision.
From Buckingham Palace to London bridge, it took about 2 hours or so. Obviously, it was time consuming. Of course I was able to see landscapes on the way, but it was so tiresome as well and I should have not done this since an accident happened after this unfortunately.


As a final event for my excursion, I stopped by a pub and drunk and had fish & chips. It was extremely  expensive. Guinness £4 and fish & chips £9.45. I tried to stop eating and drinking however, there are two men on their own and I was involved in their converse. Eventually, I've drunk approximately 2 liters beer. This was completely mistake.

The image above clearly shows what I've eaten. Actually, the size and volume were smaller than my expectation. And I spent a lot of money. Then I got back to Brighton.

The accident happened after this. I got feeling so bad, as you can imagine I vomited many times every one hour or so. Sleeping, vomiting, I repeated this circularly. Even though my stomach was empty, my vomiting didn't stop. Therefore I was able to see yellow sour liquid from my stomach.

All in all, I layered fatigue on my original fatigue by walking. And then consequently, I was dominated by alcohol. Matter of money, time and my body condition, that's why me and London never really get on.

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