30 June, 2012

The answer

My spotty face is literally recovering, thanks to pork.
Fresh meats are expensive compare to vegetables. Therefore, I was not always fancy to buy and eat them. But, the fact is my unstoppable spotty face.

One day, to get certain energy, I bought a pack of pork for probably BBQ since it was spicy tasted one. And then I have ate it for my dinner. It tasted so nice.

Next morning I find myself to find out changes of my face. Spots were soothed. Then I knew, this is the answer, this is the certain solution. Eventually, my eating habit was problematic.

A few days later, I tried to buy same pork however, they were out of stocks. Then I found an untasted pack of pork and now cook it in Japanese style the image above.

Baked pork with soy sauce and ginger. This is brilliant. I have been eating this cuisine three days in a row because the pack contains seven slices of pork.

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