20 July, 2012

FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup in Minsk 2012 - Part three -

In Belarus, handling money is extremely confusing. The reasons are following.
1. Too many zeros. Firstly, the image shows that a 10,000 note. But this is not the biggest one. When I exchanged my money from Euros to Belarusian Rubles, I received lots of 50,000 Belarusian Rubles. I haven't see but the largest note is 200,000. Consequently, when I did shopping, it was so perplexing.

2. No coins. There are no coins in Belarus at all. So a pocket of my wallet was completely pointless. And notes spaces of my wallet was easy to be packed. Mine is bended wallet and when it is full, it cannot be bended.

3. Value. As I said you can see lots of zeros on the notes but actually, 10,000 Belarusian Ruble is equivalent to  1 Euro or 100 yens or less than 1 UK pound. Seemingly prices are expensive but in fact, quite cheap. I have got 10, 20, 50 Belarusian Rubles but they are just pieces of paper.

Minsk and Belarus was a sort of wonderland to me. In terms of the money as I mentioned and people. Probably, for Belarusian people Asians are rare. Because when I was walking on the street, people stared at me all the time. I didn't really care about it and quite interesting. 
Before get there, I saw website or information which provides negative images. But in reality, not at all. Certainly, staffs of hotels or shops are sometimes seem to be cold but elsewhere, I have never seen. People were spending their time and lives so quietly, peacefully and calmly.

And on the Day 3, the competition continues. Individuals and team apparatus.



Judges are not fair as usual. They always give extra points to Russians.
As to photographing, taking images of groups is much difficult than individuals since I tend to take 5 people in one frame. In this case, the results would indicate big space and small gymnasts. I don't hate this composition (because it is not conventional sports photography), but they are clearly lack of dynamism. On the other hand, taking 2 or 3 of all the members, the images cannot depict enough contexts in other words, what they are doing.

Competitions has been finished. Yet, whole the events haven't.

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