20 July, 2012

FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup in Minsk 2012 - Finale -

On the day 3, after the all the competitions, I watched Gala. Normally, this is an exhibition show and a quite complementary element. So usually it happens at exactly the same venue and soon after the competitions. But, at the particular moment, it was hardly the same.

Before that, after finishing the competitions, medal ceremony, press conference, we were invited to a lunch which is for the press and visitors. The organisers served us some food, drinks and beer. This was unpredictable and amazing. I did admire their hospitality completely. (I just should have tried local stout! This is a shame!!)
And at the lunch, I met some photographers and had a chat with them. They were similarly saying that we were astonished and impressed by the hospitality of this organiser and we talked about our enthusiasm toward RG for example favourite gymnasts, countries, and the city of Minsk itself. That was absolutely an  interesting opportunity and the organiser seemed to be grad really.

A few hours later, we got to another venue, which is a sort of circus stage. And the gala takes place here. I was firstly wondering why here, because obviously I have known what regular gala is. And then, the show has begun with all the seats were full. Eventually, it was combined show of the regular gala and a circus.

So, we are able to watch not only performances by gymnasts (images above) but also human towers, animal shows, juggling, dancing, rope performances followed by live music (some of them are in a sense communistic traditions though) ! Just brilliant. I felt that I witnessed a sort of potential energy of Belarus as a whole. Therefore, it is a sort of shame that people in Belarus can not go abroad and show their cultural characteristics and at the same time people from other countries cannot visit here easily neither. Despite, it is quite interesting that they have such a theatre and ability to perform, I mean tourism must not be a capital industry in Minsk.

And then after the show, we were taken to a banquet at a club. We were served food, wine, vodka, together with some entertainment. Unfortunately, I didn't take any images as it was quite dark and I was so tired but this was still pity.
And finally we got back to the hotel and I spent more time with a professional photographer, filmmaker, some gymnasts and its supporters until midnight. I can say it repeatedly Minsk is a wonderland. And this 3days were such a great experience for me.

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