23 November, 2013

FIVB World Grand Champions Cup 2013

I went to watch an international volleyball match and here's an interesting fan supporting team of Iran.

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Look at his passion. He was a sort of temporal star at the seats. He was waving a flag, shouting "Iran!" loud, praying for a victory of the team, making booing, without sitting on the seat during whole the match.
At the beginning of the match, it was pretty much ignored by the people in the venue because the game was Iran - US. Most of the spectators were of course Japanese expecting to watch the national team of Japan as the competition itself has taken place in Tokyo. However it has been gradually changed by this man and Iranian team supported by him.

The US is ranked no.3 or slightly down meanwhile Iran is ranked around no.10 or a bit low, which means that obviously America is much stronger than Iran in terms of the world ranking. Contrary to this rankings, the match went differently, it was quite competitive. At the forth set, the indifferent spectators were got involved in the game and the Iranian fan, everybody was shouting "Iran" along with his voice.
There was a key-player called Zarini #7 in the team of Iran. Although he was not on the staring lineup, he was a sort of spice from the bench. His serves and spikes were probably unexpected by the team US and were so much effective and enough to perplexing. And the game came to a full-set match and then Iran has got a win in the end. Not to mention, the fan pictures above pushed the team forward tremendously. 

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