25 April, 2013

Rhythmic Gymnastcs World Cup Pesaro 2013 -a side story-

I went to Pesaro Italy in order to photograph Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup. This was completely out of my plans. Haven't consider flights, even I was not sure for the accreditation. However my wish towards this particular sport and some fortune have let me go.

When I applied for my accreditation, I had no idea how it goes. But the organiser was so brilliant that they responded me absolutely quickly. And also flights between Japan and Italy was not too expensive.
The flights were actually direct ones Tokyo-Roma, takes 12hours. Between Roma to Pesaro were obviously domestic flights but one problem has happened at the going journey, which was a flight cancellation. The numbers of passengers from Roma to Rimini was not enough to depart and then the airline company Alitalia has decided not to fly. This was the very first experience for me, never ever happened this sort of flight troubles.
What happened after that was 1. baggage collection 2. waiting for a hotel to be organised 3. flight next morning.

1. baggage collection
I have left my suitcase into the storage of the airplane however as the flight has been cancelled, I needed to take it back. It was time consuming to find out even though it should be systemised completely. And then what I was forced to do was just asking a lot of staff and walking a lot to the luggage should be located as Roma Fiumicino Airport has 4 or 5 terminals. Although I don't remember how many hours it has taken, I have collected finally.

2. waiting for a hotel to be organised
As a solution, Alitalia has given passengers to stay one night near the airport. There were two people who were in the same situation as I. As the cancellation was not anticipated to happen, there were no hotel rooms ready to be accommodate. Therefore we had no choice but to wait, wait, and wait. The two people were all ladies and all we were able to speak English so I was firstly chatting with them while we were waiting. As time goes by, I my fatigue has got bigger and bigger and not really willing to keep talking as my flight was the longest. I suppose we waited more than 3 hours until go to each bed.

3. flight next moring
An alternate flight was early in the next morning and then I had to get up in time for that. Clearly I couldn't sleep enough the quality of the hotel was good though. We expected to flight Alitalia seemed very unsure for that. And we have awaited more extra and finally the flight from Roma to Rimini has flown.

As a matter of fact, I was supposed to arrive at Pesaro very late at night which was a bit reckless, if there has been no problem however it was in a way lucky that I was involved in the cancellation apart from the tiresome service.

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