24 September, 2012

Everything is mild

This picture is not mine, I'm afraid.
From Narita airport, I was watching this sort of landscapes, and reconfirmed that I got back to Japan finally. The sky is blue, warm, bright but not glaring, time, air, everything flows slowly. Literally, this was comfort. People are the same. Staffs at the station were so nice to me and passengers on the train were absolutely silent. So we were all peaceful. Cannot help take a nap.

Before I left the UK, I had already decided what to do as first of all. Which is to have a bowl of Gyudon. Gyudon is one of typical Japanese fast foods (junkie though) which is composed of rice and soy sauce flavoured beef.

Although I have got a favourite Gyudon chain shops, there were no shops of those at Nippori station, where is a gate for Narita international airpot. And then I dropped by another chain shop, in fact this was a compromise. Because this shop tends to serve too much salty ones. Yet, more than one year has past since last time I had these in Japan so, I felt rice was tremendously tasty. Quite soft and sweet which are the characteristics of Japanese rice. I was able to enjoy this Gyudon partially.

And then I got on trains and eventually arrived at home. The smell in the house was quite different. It smelt just a little bit of Asian food shop in Brighton. And somehow everything seemed to me smaller and lower than when I was in the fucking flat. And the biggest different was water. Soft water from the tap was much much nicer than that of in England. When I wash my hands, and take a shower, it touched me quite naturally.
My arrival was on Monday, perhaps because of this, my families were not particularly celebrated. Quite normal and natural. But it was OK, I'm back anyway.

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