06 August, 2012

Men's fencing team of Japan

Men's national fencing team of Japan has got a silver medal at the London 2012 Olympics game. Yuki Ota a fencer who I've written before was a member of the team.

The opponent of their final match was Italy who is currently ranked number one.
My impression was that their lost was simply a shame. But they've done very much what they could. But unfortunately, the Italian team had an advantage in terms of making rhythm or atmosphere.

I'm not familiar with the rules of fencing, somehow a fencer of Japan was obliged to get a yellow card and a read card. And also a Italian fencer changed his fencing suit on the way of the match due to unhappiness with sensitivity of the suits. Consequently, the team Japan lost of their tempo. However, the silver was for the first time in Japanese fencing history therefore it is still worthy.

On the other hand, Yuki Ota desperately wanted get a gold because before the Olympics, he declared that ' I was born to get a gold medal' in public. This particular silver medal was a huge achievement for the team and  country but his destination was not there. That's why his silver medal is off his neck. I can sympathise his feeling.

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