04 June, 2012


Last week, Eurovision song contest 2012 took place in Baku capital of Azerbaijan. This was just a song competition and neither more nor less. But, I found that it was quite controversial on BBC news due to politics by the authority of the nation. According to the news, the government of Azerbaijan was trying to emphasise prosperity of Baku and how much successfully the country is. In fact, citizens of the nation carried out riots to object the arbitrary government.

To me, when it comes to Azerbaijan, I soon come up with a gymnast Aliya Garayeva (the image above). And I know this viewpoint is not neutral but can't stop thinking.

She is incredibly bendy, perhaps the most in present gymnast all over the world. And also she is a promising candidate for medals of London 2012. Nonetheless, her background, the place she trains is unstable indeed for the reason I mentioned earlier, and is critisised from time to time. Which means she might not concentrate on what she is doing besides, she might feel extra pressures to some degree.

Concerning to international competitions, players always have to perform their sports followed by their nations. Since obviously, the players represent their nations. Even though they attend these competitions in order to simply compete with others, spectators including me can not watch them purely, and the authorities try to intervene or utilise through players.

Then I basically watch every sport to enjoy their spectacular performances, beauty and result of the matches  meanwhile, I am always conscious of athlete's hidden burden or heavy loads behind.

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