19 June, 2012

Haste to my deadline

Dissertation is too difficult for me. My tutors know it of course. Hence they gave me a fortnight extension. However, I'm still suffering from writing it.

My deadline will come within two weeks from today. It is seemingly long and enough yet it comes too soon. Since I need some buffers and margins.

Meanwhile, I got an assessment of last photographic project. As a staff of the uni encouraged me and I had a little bit confidence in myself in the result because the approach was quite different and in a sense conceptual. But, it was futile. My mark was worse than first one.
The possibility of this bad causes are...
1. My body of work is not contemporary.
2. Inadequate research.
3. Ineffective jaxtaposition.
4. Insufficient realisation of my proposal.
5. Tutors don't like sport photos.

2. might be true. But how does it affect to my overall mark? The objective of this unit is a photographic practice not photographic research.

So disappointing. I need protest.

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