06 October, 2011

Andy Warhol

I went to an exhibition of Andy Warhol at Eastborne. It was for the first time for me to see his works. And was impressive.

He is good at express irony or satire into his works. And also, the usage of colour is strait and strong. No hesitation.
He described mass production and consumption society, particularly in America. On the other hand, the colour of the soup of can(image above) is definitely beautiful.

Eventually, he produced himself and made a huge success.

difference of Brand and Icon
In my opinion, Brand is a subject who create some consumption. Icon is a object who is consumed by the mass. And then he was also one of Icons.

his feat
His criticism was quite appropriate and the methods were absolutely unique.
However, if his theme was criticism for society, his concept must have been based on it.
If so, I want to know his idea of solution and his belief. Because, to criticise something is easy.

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